“Early in my career, I learned that if you take high performers from different backgrounds, different ways of life, different ages and maturity levels, and different life experiences, create an intimate environment of personal sharing, and present them with unique challenges, common goals, socially-responsible assignments with meaningful outcomes, give them all an equal voice and take the ego out of the equation, you get a team that self-actualizes much faster, performs at higher levels, and can take on ever-increasing challenges with satisfaction and compassion for one another and the partners they serve.”

– Todd Lazenby, Founding Partner

Our buy-side/sell-side full-cycle direct investment model


Direct Investment Management

Assistance in ensuring that investments are well managed and diversified


Joint Partnership

Greater collaboration, transparency, control, and lower fees


Growth and Exit Advisory

Assistance with planning and execution of optimal buy, build and exit strategies

Royal Ascot Partners (RAP) addresses the need for “full cycle direct investment”, the ability for High Net Worth (HNW) Family clients to deploy and redeem capital allocated to direct investments.

For our team, it is all about creating business models at every level that truly align the interests of all parties.  We are a diverse team of subject matter experts whose expertise and experience allows us to execute quickly.

We operate using a round table organizational structure built on mutual respect and think and operate unconventionally.  We are exceptionally hands-on and creative in determining outcomes. Everything is highly-collaborative using a special forces team approach.

We enter the arena each and every day to positively affect change and drive better outcomes.  Together we bring the level of operating and financial sophistication to lower-middle market businesses that is required to reach the next level.